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adaptiveoptics.org provides news and information for the world-wide adaptive optics community.
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Adaptive Optics News

Boeing Airborne Laser Testbed Team Destroys Boosting Ballistic Missile
Feb 2010
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Thorlabs Extends its Adaptive Optics Offerings
Feb 2010
Academic To Outline Plans To Help a Billion People See
Feb 2010
Heavyweights vs. Lightweights: Are the Largest Stars Born Like Our Sun?
Jan 2010
Andor Appoints ALPAO As Value Added Reseller For Adaptive Optics
Jan 2010
Adaptica Enters Into Distribution Agreement with Edmund Optics
Jan 2010
Retinal Imaging Project Receives a 940K€ Grant From France’s National Research Agency
Jan 2010
VLT Captures First Direct Spectrum of an Exoplanet
Jan 2010
NASA Selects Boston Micromachines for Two Phase 1 Projects
Jan 2010
Revealing the Explosive Heart of Eta Carinae
Jan 2010
AOptix Technologies Completes Air Force Flight Test Program of Breakthrough Laser Communications System
Dec 2009
First Direct Imaging of a Young Binary System
Dec 2009
Discovery of an Exoplanet Candidate Orbiting a Sun-Like Star: Inaugural Observations with Subaru's New Instrument HiCIAO
Dec 2009
Stellar Family Portrait Takes Imaging Technique to New Extremes
Dec 2009
TED Global 2009: Andrea Ghez On the Hunt For a Supermassive Black Hole
Dec 2009
V445 Puppis V445 Puppis.
 © ESO / P.A. Woudt
Cosmic "Dig" Reveals Vestiges of the Milky Way's Building Blocks
Nov 2009
Astronomers Find Prime Suspect For a Type Ia Supernova
Nov 2009
Research Continues on Secure, Mobile, Quantum Communications
Oct 2009
Keck Interferometer Nuller Spots Double Dust Cloud
Sept 2009
New Large-Stroke Deformable Mirror From ALPAO
Sept 2009
TED Global 2009: Josh Silver Demos Adjustable Liquid-Filled Eyeglasses
Sept 2009
Researchers Develop Binocular Adaptive Optics Visual Simulator
Sept 2009
Titan Clouds on Titan.
 © E. Schaller et al.,
Gemini Observatory / AURA
Vision Scientists Using MEMS Deformable Mirrors to Improve Vision Performance
Aug 2009
VLT Looks At Star Formation In the Massive Embedded Cluster RCW 38
Aug 2009
Boeing Airborne Laser Team Completes 1st Airborne Test Against Instrumented Target Missile
Aug 2009
Storm Brews Over Titan's Tropical Desert
Aug 2009
VLTI Reveals Binary Engine Fuelling HD 87643's Nebula
Aug 2009
Sharpest Views Of Betelgeuse Reveal How Supergiant Stars Lose Mass
July 2009
Thirty Meter Telescope Selects Mauna Kea
July 2009
Boston Micromachines Deformable Mirror Used in Subaru Extreme AO Project
June 2009
European Partnership Develops World's Fastest and Most Sensitive Astronomical Camera
June 2009
VLT Images the Arches Cluster
June 2009
Boston Micromachines Announces Mini-DM Deformable Mirror Controller
June 2009
CCD220 detector The CCD220 detector.
 © P.Balard / INSU-CNRS / ESO
National Ignition Facility Dedicated
May 2009
Subaru's Pre-Discovery Image of the Extra-Solar Planet HR 8799b
May 2009
AOptix Technologies Continues Lasercom Flight Tests for Air Force Research Laboratory
May 2009
Thirty Meter Telescope Technology Milestone: Tip-Tilt Stage Of AO System Passes Test
Apr 2009
Boston Micromachines Founder Dr. Thomas Bifano Awarded Bepi Colombo Prize
Apr 2009
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AOptix Technologies Secures $12.9 Million in Venture Funding
Mar 2009
>> more adaptive optics company news
Boston Micromachines Continues Growth with Boost in Revenues and Employee Base
Mar 2009
>> more adaptive optics company news
AOptix Releases InSight™ 2 Meter Iris Recognition System
Mar 2009
'Dark Cells' of Living Retina Imaged for the First Time
Feb 2009
Subaru Finds Water Ice In Protoplanetary Disk
Feb 2009
VLT Interferometer to Measure Asteroids' Sizes and Shapes
Feb 2009
Thorlabs and Boston Micromachines' Adaptive Optics Toolkit Used by Researchers Around the World
Jan 2009
USAF Academy Researcher Develops Satellite Imaging Technology
Jan 2009
Frantic Activity Revealed In Dusty Stellar Factories
Jan 2009
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 Adaptive Optics Software

Thirty Meter Telescope Conceptual Design Review Presentation
June 2006
ESO Extremely Large Telescope Design Study Documentation
Apr 2006
Giant Magellan Telescope Conceptual Design Review Documentation
Feb 2006
Airborne Laser press releases from Boeing
Oct 2006 (latest)
Center for Adaptive Optics Newsletters
Keck Observatory adaptive optics press releases
Feb 2006 (latest)
Gemini Observatory Newsletter
Adaptive Optics Edition
Dec 2006
Deformable Mirrors for the National Ignition Facility
Mar 2004        (video presentation)
>> NIF Wavefront Control System Article
Q & A with Brent Ellerbroek, Group Leader for AO for the Thirty Meter Telescope
Interview by Doug Isbell, Dec 2006 (audio)
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Some Additional News & Review Articles
Making Stars to See Stars: DoD Adaptive Optics Work Is Declassified
   >>(2nd part of two-file download)
G.P. Collins, Physics Today, Feb. 1992
Sodium Laser Guide Stars:
Prof. L.A. Thompson's account of early laser guide star experiments.

Laird A. Thompson
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...and lastly, adaptive optics in popular culture...
Big Freakin' Laser Beams in Space
Bucky McMahon, Esquire Magazine, Dec. 2006
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